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Doing security right is hard. It's usually advised not to "homebrew" security and it should be done by credible specialists. But you can't always rely on auditors and pentesters by trial and error and sometimes it's inevitable to take these topics into your pipeline. CryptAll is your partner in designing and building innovative and state of the art primitives and protocols around your needs securely so you can enjoy the advantages of latest academic achievements and most user friendly standards alike.


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Consulting and Development Services

Architecting, Research, Agile Development, and Auditing

General Security

Data is the new oil, and securing it's flow is essential for success. From WAFs to native app key management, DRM and (technical) GDPR compliance, we can help you reach your desired FIPS stamp faster, develop efficient incident response and F.A.I.R model your information risk to free your from worrying about appearing in "breach" headlines.

Cryptographic Design

Best CTOs know that you shouldn't design cryptography yourself. While we advise the same, in some business models keeping up with latest advances or tinker an exisiting standard is inevitable and CryptAll is your credible partner in keeping you safe from it's dangers, with academic coverage and participation in standardization processes in our background.


The average internet user has 190 online accounts from which he/she/whatever knows 15 in best case. Key management is still an extremely important problem in cryptography and extracting keys from biometric features became a hot topic. We can help you select the best feature extraction and derivation method to allow fast, hardware friendly and adaptable storage of biometric keys.

Quantum safety

Quantum computers are here, and your business should not rely on the uncertainty of their effectiveness on conventional schemes. We specialize in post-quantum security primitives that enable your ideas to resist these state of the art attackers, be more hardware friendly and even operate on encrypted data.


The swiss army knife of handling information distrust is still an easy market to enter but a volatile and unforgiving one to fail in. CryptAll's exhaustive participation in researching and developing blockchains helps you build robust, stable and sound foundations for an academic grade technical whitepaper and bootstrap your development with latest standards set by the industry.

AI security, Adversarial Learning

As AI gains a wider adoption in various industries, subjects like user privacy or data poisoning attacks became key technical requirements for ML based business models. CryptAll consulting excell in selecting the best method for you to handle differential privacy locally or globally and to protect your model against adversarial attacks or reverse engineers.

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